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 how to become a Hacker ?

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The Joker
The Joker

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how to become a Hacker ?  Empty
PostSubject: how to become a Hacker ?    how to become a Hacker ?  EmptyWed Dec 12, 2012 5:03 am

Alot of people ask “How do i learn hacking?”, “Where do i start?”, “How do i become a hacker”… and so on. I answered the question a million times. Now we all can just give them this link to my blog. This is my opinion about everything. Others might think about it in a different way. Eat it or just throw it away.

What is hacking?

Hacking is a hobby. There are many ways of hacking. Some break security systems, some reverse code. In my opinion everything has to do with hacking. If you want to become a “hacker”. You have to get some knowledge in computer science and love to play around with it. That’s basicly everything a hacker needs Wink .

What do i have to learn?

This really depends on what you want to achieve. For example “I want to learn to break into systems with tools out there and i don’t want to know a programming language”. For me you are no hacker then but then you just need to learn metasploit and co. Wink
There are some main topics in my opinion that are important.

♣️Using a computer (Linux, configuration and so on)
♣️Networking (Protocols and how does everything work)
♣️Software (Developing and Reversing)
♣️Hardware (How does your CPU work and so on. Not my best topic but i got some knowledge here)

Using a computer

Most people, who read my blog, have this knowledge. If you don’t i give you the advise to install Linux and play around with it. Configure some Apache servers or something like that. Just play around till you feel comfortable with it. Compile some programs and so on. If you are able to compile your Linux kernel and use it (maybe with an optimized configuration for your pc). This topic should be done for you. You don’t need to know how to compile a kernel. Just feeling comfortable with Linux should proof you know how to use your computer Wink .

The other topics can be learned parallel. There is no need to focus on one topic.


In my opinion everyone needs to know how to setup a network. Learn how to calculate the subnet mask and co. This should be easy just read something about it. Google helps alot here Wink .
Learn how everything works. Examples are ARP Protocol, TCP/IP Protocol and how WLAN works. With this knowledge you can have alot of fun. You should be able to MitM attack a router and pc with this. With this setup sniffing should be possible. This is enough knowledge here in my opinion but depending on your needs you can lern more. Google topics or interesting tools

♣️pcap (for devs, if you want or know software development, this is interesting for you)
♣️arpspoof (dsniff package)
♣️fragrouter (-B1 was it if i remember right to do forwarding so the network doesn’t break if you hook in there)
♣️dsniff tools etc.

All tools you need here are on the net and knowing a network can be quite funny on a LAN Party. Guys never really never ever login private pages on a lan party or something like this. Public networks are public for a network hacker Wink .


This is my favorite. I work as software engineer and i love this topic. For Reversing this blog has a tutorial series, which starts here. Before learning reversing you have to learn software development. I recommend every so called “hacker” to have at least a basic C knowledge. People always ask what language do i have to learn. The question is obsolete. If you know C, which is a functional language, very well and want to learn functional programming in VB. The only thing that differs is the syntax. I read very often there are so many differences and just a hand of people know assembler. This is just plain bullshit. I know more than a hand of people that reverse code (which will be assembler). Wink Other rumor i hear often from wannabe hackers. Are that you use absolute addresses while developing assembler and the compiler creates relative addresses. That’s why nearly no one knows assembler. That means knowing assembler needs basic addition and subtraction. Yeah a assembler developer can’t do that -.-. I recommend to learn this languages in this order:

♣️C (functional programming)
♣️C++ (Object oriented programming)
♣️Assembler (Low level programming)

The masterpiece , i know no-one who really develops software with it. Except he is forced to. Knowing this language gives you the following advantages:

♣️Basic knowledge for reversing
♣️Code optimizing
♣️Everyone, who knows assembler. Can imagine what the CPU does.


You should know how a cpu works and how to read/write a circuit by a binary table or formula. This is the basic, which i know. If you want to go deeper in this topic. Microcontroller and/or FPGAs should be your topic. Learning this topic can be expensive. I recommend you to learn the Software part next or better before this topic. Going deep into hardware engineering needs software.


There is no way to give you a numbered list what todo/learn to be a hacker. Hacker just means that you know computer science and want to do experiments with this knowledge. If i had to start from the beginning i would do it this way.

♣️Install Linux and play around with it
♣️Setup my network in linux so i got internet Very Happy
♣️Learn C/C++ with a book and all it’s examples
♣️Go to a lan party or hotspot and play around with the networking tools (don’t do bad things, if you sniff a password be happy, you made it. Don’t use it for bad things! You want to be a hacker not a cracker)
♣️Play around with some hardware and develope software

Now some years should be gone and you should have the knowledge to go alone from here on.

I hope this helps some people to make the right decisions. How to start..................

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If is one of the above, you can either choose to PM or mail me ..
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how to become a Hacker ?
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